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The workplace app Solution bringing together people and places

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Our Vision

We aim to provide a hub for employees to connect to building resources & services, and to each other.  In a new world of work where employees are replacing their physical desk with the freedom of movement, we offer a way to reconnect to their colleagues in expected & unexpected ways. 

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Happi helps you decide the best strategy for your workplace app.

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Search & compare

We want to ensure you have the app that suits your business culture & building requirement, so we will complete an initial survey of your wants & needs to determine where your priorities lay.  Having access to leading knowledge on workplace organisation, and being aquainted with many of the apps on the market today, we will provide you with your options.

Apps will drive interactions that
create the cultures needed in the
workplace. This will drive new ideas,
innovation and collaborative work.
— Philip Ross, CEO of HAPPI & UnGroup
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How we work

The HAPPI team will work closely with you through discovery & design to pick & choose the features you need & incorporate your business's branding into the HAPPI platform.


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Amanda irwin

Account Director

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Philip ross